Take the Spotlight at Hookup Sites

It’s too easy to screw up at hookup sites. You might join https://www.adultsexhookups.com which has a great reputation, for hooking single guys with horny females in their local area. However, even the best websites are not going to save you if you have no game. You have to have a solid game when it comes to hooking up with pussy. If you are over the age of 18, you already know this. You already know that attracting pussy has nothing to do with the money in your pockets, the money in your bank account, how big your dick is, how good looking you are, or whether you’re in shape or not. It has nothing to do with that shit! It has everything to do with how you play the game.

You see, lions who eat day after day after day know how to play the game because when they spot a herd of prey, they know who to hit. They know the weak, they know the gullible, they know the ones that are not going to give them a hard time. By the same token, you have to scope out the chicks that you’re gonna check out, that you want to hook up with, and figure out the ones that have the highest chance of hooking up with. I’m talking about chicks who are ready to fuck.

I don’t care what she looks like. She may look like a complete, uptight, conservative Catholic girl. Guess what?! Those are the biggest sluts! Those are the most repressed because their parents are all fucked up, their values are all fucked up, and they are yearning for freedom. That’s why those are the ones who get knocked up in high schools because they’re so fuckin’┬áhorny. Those are college-age chicks. I mean, 18 and over who exhibit those behaviors are your target market.

So, if you want to figure out how to do better at hookup sites, you have to take the spotlight. You have to draw attention to yourself. You have to draw attention to your game. Being a man of substance at these websites is actually pretty straightforward. You have to have the right profile. You have to send out the right trigger words to attract the right chicks. Remember, if you dish out shit the only thing you attract are flies. If you put honey out you’re going to attract bees. Do you see where I’m coming from? So, make sure you attract the right kind of attention. Pay attention to your game and take it to the next level.